Certifications & social involvement


Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP)

Good Seed and Plant Practices is an international, transparent businessgspp-small chain system which is set up to prevent infection of seeds and plants with pathogens.

The purpose of Good Seed and Plant Practices is to prevent tomato seed and plant lots from being infected by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Cmm).

International Seed Testing Assocation (ISTA)

The International Seed Testing Association, better known as ISTA, was founded inISTA logo 1924 during the 4th International Seed Testing Congress in Cambridge, UK. Currently its membership consists of 202 member laboratories from 77 countries around the world. In May 2016 the quality Lab of AXIA Vegetable Seeds BV joined the ISTA organisation as a member.

Socially involved

Axia breeds, develops and grows premium vegetable seeds with respect for people, environment and nature. We particularly want to contribute to a prosperous horticulture sector.
During day-to-day business this means:

  • Our company processes are in compliance with the most stringent hygienic standards. We work according to the principles of Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP). Our company and processes are audited by NAK Tuinbouw every year. In general our varieties produce a higher yield and require a shorter growing time than common crops exposed to artificial light. The result of this is that less water, energy, nutrition and pesticide is needed.
  • Thanks to our focus on creating vegetables with genetics of healthy ingredients, we continuously contribute to making healthy food more popular as well as to the understanding of a balanced life style