Research and Development

Research with a market focus, breeding programs dedicated to the needs of vegetable growers. To achieve this, Axia works closely together with its peers out in the vegetable industry worldwide.
The company’s goal is to introduce new high yielding F1 hybrids with innovative traits that will add value throughout the supply chain. Axia’s strategy is to maintain technological leadership by using marker-assisted breeding technologies.


The Research and Development department is located in a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands. The greenhouses are designed with the latest technology, which includes artificial light.
Axia has implemented the Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP) protocol to operate the activities in the greenhouses. These activities are dedicated to the study and improvement of the effectiveness of vegetable production in heated greenhouses.

The company has another breeding experimental facility in Sicily, Italy which is dedicated to developing superior seed varieties that are specifically suitable for open or covered field production (shade cloth or poly covering). Additional research and production stations are located in Thailand.
This network of research and experimental facilities gives Axia the capacity to accelerate the pace of product development and introduce a broad range of innovative hybrids in global markets.