Award ceremony action ‘I know you grow’


On August 30, the award ceremony of the action ‘I know you grow’ took place at Axia Vegetable Seeds in Naaldwijk. The aim of this educational action was to enhance consumer-awareness of the process of growing a tomato, especially amongst children. “From the origin, the seed, until the delicious tomato on your plate”.

During the open day of Green Pack in Maasdijk on April 20, vegetable seeds were distributed to the visitors with the request: ‘grow your own tomatoes in 90 days, send your photo and win great prices’. During 90 days, the participants consciously followed the growth of their own tomato plants.

They were informed by e-mail about the steps to be taken in the growing process, so that they could pick the first ripe tomatoes after 90 days.
Given the many enthusiastic entries, reports and Facebook messages, Westland has won some promising tomatogrowers. Friday, August 30 the action concluded with an award ceremony and a tour in the Axia Vegetable Seeds greenhouse. The prize, an i-Pad, was won by Melanie van der Hoeven, who extensively reported about the growth of her tomatoplants. Duuk and Albert Solleveld and Cynthia Doeve-Steenhagen were the lucky winners of the second and third prize.