Axia Seeds is expanding in Naaldwijk


”In 5 years’ time we want to be on the tomato market in each segment”

Axia Seeds is growing fast: The breeding Company is planning on building a new greenhouse next to the already exsisting breeding greenhouse of 1 Hectare.

This is needed for the expected introduction of the first commercial varieties in 2015. At this moment trials of the first Hybrids are performing well world-wide under artificial light.


GSPP Certification

Besides extending the greenhouse with another 6700 m2.

Axia is also planning to build a durable office building with a natural appearance. If the local government provides the necessary permits.

Axia is located at the current location only for two years now so the question rises “Is Axia already getting to big for the current amount of space?” The smiling answer by Sandor van Vliet (owner) is that “The breeders are working fast and they can use more space.

We do not want to slow down our process because lack of space so we need more space. In the new greenhouse facilities will be a demonstration greenhouse and also new quarantine greenhouses for new external material. This is needed for the GSPP approval”


It is clear: There is a lot happening at Axia.

One year ago the brothers Sandor and Alois van Vliet told us ( about their future plans with Axia. The two former directors of Western Seeds started Axia in 2010 and told us they wanted to plant their first variety trial in 2013 at growers.

The last few years went according to plan and nowadays our future varieties are growing all over the world in greenhouses with artificial light. At this stage we are cooperating together with the growers and deciding which varieties are suitable for each specific grower and their growing conditions.

“We want to be on the market in each segment of the market variating from cherry tomato to big beef tomatoes. First we aim for 120 and 140-grams tomatoes and followed by cocktail types.

These are the most important segments world-wide” says van Vliet. “Besides these segments we have some very interesting spin offs.

We expect all of our segments to be commercially introduced on the market in 2015”.



The supply chain

The breeding company is very fond on their short communication lines with the whole supply chain from producers to supermarkets and consumers.

“With this information we decide which way we want to go with our breeding program.

A big focus in our program is taste, but off course for growers also the productivity is very important” says van Vliet. “For us it is important to develop varieties where the market is asking for. Now and in the future” On the other hand it is also difficult to develop what the market wants.

For example: “We find it important to work on health promoting substances like the amount of Lycopeen, which is an anti-cancer …….. , but because of legal regulations this is very hard to claim so there is not much demand from the supply chain.

Breeding for a high production for the growers will stay very important but at Axia we also want to breed for specialties and the elite-segment.

Finally we also believe there will be a market for a tomato with a higher level of health promoting substances”



Publication date: 23-1-2014

Author: Arlette Sijmonsma