“Customer growing aversion to yellow crowns”


The greenhouses of KesgrO are full of Axiradius this season and the first tomatoes are harvested last week. The production is sold through Harvest House and quality controller Perry van der Meer is certainly very satisfied. “The improvement is in its appearance. The green parts remain strong and the bunch is pretty flat. That’s two steps forward.”

Renate van Vliet from Axia Vegetable Seeds
Fruit weight
Last year there were at tomato breeder KesgrO a few test rows Axiradius. This season, the entire greenhouse is filled with the new breed of Axia Vegetable Seeds. The first production was cut last week. “A good product,” notes breeder Paul Grootscholten. “The fruit weight is perfect. We harvest a bunch of seven average 120 grams. The bunch is pretty flat, green crown. Exactly what we want.” On the yield at the first bunch nothing  to say yet. “Last year was virtually identical to the standard variety, but then the Axiradius stood as a pilot. I can now say that it is higher -. But we dont know that just yet, on thing is that we are on schedule.

Yellow crowns
Also Perry van der Meer, quality controller at Harvest House, is satisfied. Because quality and shelf life are important to the association, a new breed may be put only after a trial year and a positive assessment from the association. Van der Meer, the new breed gets followed for a long period  in shelf life and taste tests. The race meet expectations in taste and shelf life, but the strength against yellow crowns is what makes the race really distinctive.


Perry van der Meer, Harvest House

“The customer gets a growing aversion to yellow crowns. We must always explain that it is a characteristic and that it has nothing to do with and that it has nothing to do with age or quality. However, if a client asks for it, you’re already too late actually,”  knows van der Meer. “The taste and shelf life are our top priority, but the appearance is important. The tomatoes must be red and the green parts must remain green. Thecustomer recognizes it . The green part sof the  Axiradius remain strong and the bunch pretty flat. In appearance it is two steps forward. ”
Axiradius is sold through Harvest House, one of the largest Dutch producer organizations in the field of fruit vegetables. For more information or prices:
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