Den Berk strives for perfect ‘Miss Perfect’ (Axiany)

Publication date : 13-9-2016
Author: Gertrude Snoei

Den Berk Délice is increasingly committed to its tomato project ‘Miss Perfect’. “Our customers are so satisfied with the taste that we only want to continue growing,” states the manager Paul van de Mierop enthusiastically. “The first year, we had to learn to cultivate the breed, but now it has almost reached perfection, which is what we are striving for.”

Growth to 100 tonnes per week
Every week, Den Berk produces 60 tonnes of the variety, and in the winter, this is reduced by half. “Our goal is to grow to 100 tonnes per week.” This year, the company has also been focusing on additional promotion. “We will organise tastings in stores and that will allow us to hear suggestions for dishes that can be made using ‘Miss Perfect’.” In Belgium, ‘Miss Perfect’ is available at Carrefour and Colruyt. “Currently, we offer 200 and 350 gram containers, and it is also possible to purchase the product in 3 kilo boxes. Furthermore, we are working on a different segment with another Belgian supermarket.”

Healthy enjoyment
Miss Perfect is available all year round. “We chose the name ‘Miss Perfect’ because it allows us to approach a specific target. This tomato is suitable for the consumer who makes conscious choices for healthy and enjoyable products. The words glamorous, ambitious and perfectionistic also apply.”


Paul Van de Mierop is also pleased to announce that Den Berk is IFS and BRC certified. “The audit carried out on 25 January 2016 has earned the team a score of 99.31% for the IFS and we got an AA with the BRC. The latter is quite exceptional, so we are extremely proud of our team. We’d like to use this opportunity to thank our employees for their efforts, as they have achieved this great result!”

On the photo (from left to right): Stijn Matthé (warehouse manager), Loes Van De Velde (quality and crop inspection manager), Nic Mertens (orders and packaging manager and engine behind the effort to achieve the company’s certificates), Sivaseanu Anton Sorin (head of warehouse staff) and Ionut Cosmin (head of machinery and equipment). 

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