KesgrO starts marketing new Axiradius tomato

KesgrO starts marketing new Axiradius tomato

The Axiradius, one of the new tomato varieties of Axia Vegetable Seeds, has already started being sold. The tomato grower KesgrO is cultivating it on nine hectares. Their resistance against crown yellowing is one of the main reasons for their choice,” says Paul Grootscholten, of KesgrO.

Last weekend, the propagation of the new medium calibre vine tomato Axiradius (HTL1206430) started at nursery Vreugdenhil. “It is a quality improvement compared to previous varieties from Axia Vegetable Seeds,” explains Paul Grootscholten, of KesgrO.

“It has a strong resistance against crown yellowing. Consumers increasingly refuse this, and we have been looking for years for a solution. Now we have it and we are grabbing the opportunity with both hands.”

Easy pruning on seven
Axiradius can also be pruned on seven for longer. Other features include flat trusses and an average fruit weight of 105-125 grams.

By mid-September, the variety will take 25% of KesgrO’s acreage.

Doing great everywhere
The fact that KesgrO is involved in Axia Vegetable Seeds as a shareholder has, according to Grootscholten, not played a role in the choice, as

“These kind of choices are much too important for that.” He has followed the variety’s progress during its trials and at grower locations in Zeeland and Westland. “It is doing great, not only for us, but everywhere.”