Open door 20 April 2013

Published on 20-3-2013

Saturday, 20 April Axia presented itself with its own stand during the open door of Greenpack in Maasdijk.

The weather was fine and the rise of both young and old were high. Axia stood out because of its professional appearance and attracted many public with the “I know you grow” action.

This action will Axia show how the process of growing a tomato is carried out. From the origin, the seed, to the delicious tomato on the plate of the consumer.

In 90 days, the participants make the growth process consciously. Many children and adults enrolled and so compete for the prizes that can be won.

Participants in the action by Axia regularly by e-mail about the next steps in the growing process. The participants know exactly what to do to reap the first ripe tomatoes after 90 days.

All growing instructions can be found on the Facebook page of Axia.