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Axia connected to geothermal heat

Thanks to Trias Westland and A.Hak, we are now also connected to geothermal energy at the Burgemeester Elsenweg location. Greenhouses can be heated sustainably with geothermal energy. At a depth of 2.3 kilometers 90°C heat is extracted from the ground. In the Netherlands, the heat increases by an average of 30°C per kilometer of depth. The bottom contains a lot of sediment layers that contain water and are well permeable, so that the hot water can be pumped up from the depths. This water can be used to heat the greenhouses. The cooled water goes back into the ground via a second well and is heated up again by the earth’s core. Trias Westland heats a total of 100 hectares of greenhouses of 30 greenhouse horticulture companies and 345 new-build homes.

20220602 154828
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