Tomato breeder moves lit demo after greenhouse is raised

The eye-catching office villa at the Axia Vegetable Seeds breeding company has been in use for a while now, so it’s time for a new project. This time it concerns raising part of the greenhouses on the Burgemeester Elsenweg. In total, approximately 7,000 square meters of the greenhouse will be raised a good meter.

This greenhouse at site Burgemeester Elsenweg 53 will be raised by more than a meter.

This greenhouse is currently being used as an unexposed demo, explains company manager Frits van Wijk. “Only this unexposed demo is being cultivated. The other crops continue to be cultivated.” By raising the height of the greenhouses, the breeding company will soon have all demos at one location. “Including an exposed demo this winter.”

The greenhouses will be raised from 5.70 meters to 6.80 meters by T.C. v.d. Dool. Hybrid lighting will be installed in the greenhouse, 270 micromol. Signify is supplying the lighting. “Thanks to the hybrid lighting, our demo cultivation is closer to the cultivation practice of growers, where increasingly hybrid lighting is also hanging above the tomatoes.”

Because Axia is going to use lighting, the screen and façade clothes also need to be replaced. Holland Scherming will take care of this. Finally, GST van Paassen will adjust the electricity, heating, and watering system. The vegetable breeder hopes to have completed the project in October.

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