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FlavourAx – The Axia flavour range

FlavorAx is a group of tomatoes with similar characteristics. All the tomatoes in the series have deep red fruit color with dark red flesh. The inside consists of a typical green gel. The tomatoes have a traditional flat-round shape, strong green calyxes, and a thin skin. The tomatoes also provide an authentic taste experience: there is a nice balance between sweet and sour with an herby aftertaste.


There are various choices in fruit weight from 35 to 180 grams: This makes the FlavorAx range unique and distinctive from other lines in the market. FlavorAx includes three cocktail
tomatoes, two TOVs and a beef variety. The FlavorAx tomatoes are suitable for many purposes due to the different fruit weights and taste properties. They can be used for snacking, salads, or cooking. Due to its beautiful shape and color, the tomato is extremely suitable for the premium segment and they are distinctive within the category.


Fun fact: the name of the tomato group was of course not chosen that way by chance. It is a composition of Flavor and Ax. Flavor refers to taste, Ax stands for “axis” and refers to the
typical inside. In addition, Ax naturally fits well with Axia, as we do in all our variety names.

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