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Looking for the perfect large cluster tomato for the next season?

The Macxize is a jointless cluster tomato with a strong, open, generative crop type and an absolute winner in the large cluster segment!

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FlavourAx – The Axia flavour range

FlavorAx is a group of tomatoes with similar characteristics. All the tomatoes in the series have deep red fruit color with dark red flesh. The inside consists of a typical green gel. The tomatoes have a traditional flat-round shape, strong green calyxes, and a thin skin. The tomatoes also provide an authentic taste experience: there […]

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Newly admitted varieties for the Belgian market

For the Belgian market, the following Axia varieties are now permitted for the 2021 cultivation season: Speedax is an elegant vine tomato with a solid color and taste and is permitted in the Elite segment. Xaverius, a deep red, vine tomato with very good quality, has been approved in the Princess segment. The HTL1805656 has […]

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The tastiest Spanish Axia cucumbers all year round

The agricultural magazine of Almeria in Spain recently published the article below about the three most important cucumbers from Axia for the Spanish market. Every season, autumn, winter and spring, has its own cucumber variety so that the cucumbers can be grown all year round. In the hot period it is Takeshi, Samurai is for […]

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