ToMV:0,1,2Tomato mosaic virus races 0,1,2HR
TSWV:0Tomato spotted wilt virusHR
TYLCVTomato yellow leaf curl virusIR
PstPseudomonas syringae pv. tomatoHR
FfFulvia fulva races A,B,C,D,E (A-E)HR
FolFusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersiciHR
ForFusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici (Fusarium crown and root rot)HR
OnOdium neolycopersici (Powdery mildew)IR
PlPyrenochaeta lycopersici (Corky root)HR
VaVerticillium albo-atrum race 0HR
VdVerticillium dahlia race 0HR
MaMeloidogyne arenaria (Root-knot nematode)IR
MiMeloidogyne incognita (Root-knot nematode)IR
MjMeloidogyne javanica (Root-knot nematode)IR
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