Tomato salad


      Toast bread in oven at 180 ⁰C. 
      Brush with olive oil and a grated clove of garlic
      Quarter the tomatoes, setting the juice aside
      Whisk some olive oil, tomato juice and balsamic vinegar with a fork into a vinaigrette
      Season with salt and pepper
      Drizzle olive oil over the rucola
      Place the rucola on a large plate
      Dress tomatoes with vinaigrette 
      Arrange tomatoes and onion on the plate
      Cube the bread and sprinkle these croutons over the salad


      2slices of bread
      olive oil, fruity
      1clove garlic
      600 grcherry tomatoes all colors
      balsamic vinegar
      coarse sea salt
      black pepper
      150 grrucola
      1red onion sliced thin

      tomato salad

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